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SmileDirectClub is all about the confidence of a smile you'll love. Before and After pictures are the best way to show the credibility and results from using SmileDirectClub aligners. Using UGC content and a phone container, it was meant to appeal to those that use social media to inform their decisions. 
SmileDirectClub is also about the convenience of having your aligners shipped all at once. Who better to discuss the importance of a smile, as well as the convenience of no office visits and having all your aligners delivered direct than Draymond Green - Golden State Warrior and two-time league Champion. 
SmileDirectClub has100+ shops across the country in every major DMA. The convenience of a free 30 minute appointment and explaining the ease of the entire aligner process was a story that needed to be told. We utilized real customers and real employees for authenticity.
Tommie Copper wished to have 2 long form spots. One would be segmented towards females and one towards males so we could target channels that indexed high with either. While it retains many elements of a DR show, it also feels much more like a documentary and is engaging to watch for the multiple viewings it takes to get someone to go online. All of the talent featured were ambassadors of Tommie Copper.
The goal of this spot was to introduce a new line of back products from Tommie Copper, the trusted leader in comfortable compression. My direction was to tell the story of four customers and show how they use the products in their lives for to get through the day so they can get back to what is important. These same characters were featured in the still photgraphy as part of the 360 campaign. We used natural light to paint a vibrant yet warm picture. Shooting 9 locations in 1 day, the goal was to feel authentic and trusting. 
This bridge spot was created for Tommie Copper in a couple of weeks from existing footage to tell a VO brand story. It highlights the message that while life may hurt at times, you can feel better with Tommie Copper. It was running with other :60, :120 and 28:30 minute testimonial-based spots featuring the same real customers. We tried to focus on the everyday user and appeal to the customer that wanted to hear a pleasant announcer speak to the same benefits that the testimonials address in other spots. 
This animation was commissioned with Quiet Man Agency in NYC for Tommie Copper. The goal was teach the consumer that there is more than meets the eye with the copper and zinc-infused fabric. I storyboarded the piece so the viewer follows a strand of nylon on a journey through the fabric exploring the benefits. The full piece actually actually begins with a woman practicing yoga and flies into the shirt. We commissioned the audio piece from Lee Brooks to help tell the story through sound. This piece was used within various tv spots and as a stand alone animation for ecomm.
Communicating the same product benefits can get boring so we took the aspirational approach by showing a cowboy whose punishing day job is overshadowed by the intensity of being a 28 time bare back and bucking bronc rider. If Tommie Copper could help him, it could help anyone. Using a variety of slow motion camera work and the community of the cowboys to tell his story, it went on to be one of the top spots for Tommie Copper.
One of the consumer insights I had about Tommie Copper's customers was that mothers tended to buy this product for their family. This spot was designed to be sensetive to the mothers as well as appeal to the kids and fathers. We shot on location in Mississippi with a championship high school football team that used our product. The spot is edited in a much quicker fashion, music is much more aggressive and the testimonial is much more masculine as it targeted the younger side of the demographic and sports channels.
This 2014 spot follows Justin Gatlin, America's fastest runner, on his road to the next Olympics. It splits his routine into two seperate parts detailing how he uses the performance product and how he uses his recovery product.
This long form was storyboarded and edited in segments that could be broken out so that we could easily replace portions with new products or stories so the creative could be amortized over a longer period. Each section is followed by a commercial. The CEO was introducing performance product alongside the recovery ones so we attempted to segment the two lines with color and show both being used in the lives of the ambassadors. This show was about living positive.
The 2013 fall campaign centered around transformation. This video was social/web content to showcase that we can live life on our terms. Shot on location in Chile.
The American Heritage Softball team has a history of living positive. On the lead up to theirchampionship season and a new commercial, we realsed this teaser as additional content. 
Xterra World Champion Triathelete Lesley Paterson takes us on an average day training in this 2MIN spot for broadcast.
Former Alabama Coach Gene Stallings is involved with and wanted to highlight the work they are doing in Thomazeau building a hospital and providing healtcare and clean water. I worked on the footage with post team to deliver an inspiring piece that highlights all that is being done. 
Web content promoting new seasonal colors. The theme centered around perseverance.   
This down-home spot was meant to both humanize Tommie Copper, showing that it is the people that sets them apart from other brands, as well as give insight into the technology and process of making a garment.
This long form spot built upon Montel's past as a talk show host and my goal was to get him out in the field to meet people, as well as interact with real people on Tommie Copper's set which was his swing zone. We launched a national competition to find customers who wanted to share their stories of relief as well as sought out exciting segments to keep audience interest high.
Golfers will buy anything to improve their game. Well what about if the body isn't working right? The hook that their body is the most important piece of golf equipment resonated with consumers on golf-related channels and content. 
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